Zoomer Radio Pet of the Week: Zephyr

Jun 17, 2022

By Jordan Chakravarty

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Zephyr comes with free post adoption support!

Do you know what Zephyr means? A soft gentle breeze, a breath of wind, a puff of air – and this guy is definitely as gentle and soft as a light summer breeze.

What is there to love about Zephyr? The shorter answer might be what’s not to love about him.

Zephyr is adorable, intelligent, sweet, affectionate, funny, playful, a master lounger, an excellent litterbox user, and foodie.

He’s affectionate, but not in that annoying attached-to-your-hip kind of affectionate. He’ll approach you for pets and once eye contact is made, he’ll flop over onto his side of back, curl his paws, and bend his head back to look up with his loving eyes. It’s his way of asking for head scratches – his sweet spot is right above his nose. You can pet him all over, pick him up for those extra loving hugs and give him kisses all over his body. He’s not shy to let you know that he’s had enough pets.

He also enjoys sitting on your lap – it might only be half your lap because he’s a long boy. This is his signature move. He’s a half lapcat.

He greets his people in the morning with a sweet, little meow. It’s absolutely adorable!



He likes being where his people are. If you’re watching a movie, Zephyr is watching a movie on your lap. If you’re sleeping, he’s sleeping at the foot of your bed. If you’re using the washroom, he’s making sure no one disturbs you and will sometimes guard the door.

He also enjoys interactive playtime with wand toys, balls, a string – pretty much anything he can bat around. He enjoys being gently brushed with a glove brush, being carried to bed, watching cat TV, and stretching out on his cushions in the sun to expose his orange undercoat belly.

With all that being said, there are a few things that Zephyr does not like. He startles easily and doesn’t like to be approached too quickly – he’ll run and hide. It’s best to announce your entrance. He also isn’t too fond of strangers. He’ll be tucked away in his safe spot until they leave.

Zephyr also doesn’t like to be touched on his paws. He has Plasma Cell Pododermatitis, or pillow foot. Zephyr has also tested positive for Feline Leukemia (FelV). FeLV is not a type of cancer. It’s a virus that causes a weaker immune system. This just means that he’ll have to exclusively be an indoor cat and continue to take medication.

Zephyr would do well in a home with a family that is willing to shower him with love, attention, playtime and treats – he is highly food motivated! Because he is FelV+, he can only share his space with other FelV+ cats.

From a stray cat to a cuddlebug, Zephyr has mastered domestic life as an adored pet. Now all he needs is a family to call all his own.

Think you’re the one? Begin our adoption process by copying and pasting the below link to complete our adoption questionnaire!



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