Zoomer Radio Pet of the Week: Jade

Sep 24, 2021

By Jordan Chakravarty

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Meet Jade – your new, loving, furry co-worker.

This senior sweetheart enjoys keeping her foster mom company while she works at home. Although she’s not a lap cat, she wants to be involved in any and all screen time – she already knows the sound of the Facetime ring and will run to get the phone! She loves to chat and will make sure make sure you take tons of work breaks in order to give her pets and snacks.

When she’s not working hard alongside you, she likes to spend her afternoons lounging and napping in her bed in the sun. She snores when she sleeps – it’s adorable!



Her favourite activities include bird watching from the window, cat tv, Facetime calls, chasing her laser and getting brushed (especially on her back and gently on the top of her head). She is 100% a floor cat, and has no interest in being in cat trees, jumping on counters or being up high.

Although Jade loves being in the company of her humans, she is comfortable with being left alone for a while. Just be prepared to be showered with meows and headbutts – she’s making up for lost time!

She’s a little particular when it comes to her litterbox. Jade prefers a litterbox with a cover, but without the swinging door. Because of her age, Jade is also on a hydrolyzed diet. Our team will be happy to fill you in on the details.



Jade does not like sudden movements, brooms, vacuums, or loud noises – they’ll send her running for cover. She will also hide when someone new comes to visit. But, if they’re quiet and calm, she is quick to come out and say hello. She’ll let anyone pet, brush, and play with her if they’re nice.

Because Jade scares easily, her ideal home would be a quiet one without children, dogs, or other cats so that she can have her own space but also always have someone close by. She’d love a home with lots of sun and windows where she can spend tons of time with her humans.

This precious jewel is looking for her loving forever home. Can it be yours?

Think you’re the one? Begin our adoption process here! adopt-a-pet/adoption-process

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