Hippity-Hopping into April

Apr 01, 2010

By Gene Stevens

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Hi, and welcome to an awesome weekend – gorgeous weather, long Easter Weekend, life is good !!

Thanks for all the folks who wrote me about last Sunday’s Vintage Favourites show featuring novelty songs – inspired by April Fools Day.  I really appreciated hearing from you.  Well, this IS ‘April Fools’, and I’m safe to say, I have escaped.  Tradition says all April Foolery should be done by noon – so, I’m safe  – right ??  

Not sure about YOUR place, but we’re just too darn busy at the station to do too much silliness; we’re getting ready for a big weekend – some will have Good Friday off, so those folks have to do EXTRA work today.  That’s it about holidays – you get the day off, sure – but you sure have to work harder around the day off. 

Hey – who said “RADIO” was “work” anyway ?  It’s NOT work – it’s fun, and we LOVE it.  😉

First let me tell you about my Sunday afternoon show this Easter – April 4th – I won’t be playing Judy Garland’s “Easter Parade” this year.  Instead, I’ll take us back to April 4th, 1964 – for the most unusual, and perhaps most important, music chart ever.  That was the day, the BillBoard Hot 100 chart was topped by The Beatles owning the Top 5 songs !!!!!   That never happened before, or since.  In fact The Fab Four had a total of 12 songs in The Top 100 that week, and 14 the next week.

So, this Sunday on ‘Vintage Favourites’ from 2-4pm, I’ll play ALL 14 of those Beatles songs, PLUS many other #1 hits from the Spring/Summer of 1964 – to demonstrate how the pop music scene was reacting to the start of The British Invasion.   So, grab a chocolate bunny, and turn on the radio Sunday afternoon.

Sunday night, Richard Syrett will discuss a religious artifact I’ve always been fascinated by  -The Shroud of Turin.  That’ll be on The Conspiracy Show from 11pm. to 1am. – it seems there is new scientific evidence suggesting the shroud is authentic; that is really was Jesus’ burial cloth !!

Let me share a bit of personal stuff with you now.  I’ve been a widower, raising twin daughters, since they were only ten.  Next week, they turn 21 !  That’s a big deal for them, AND for ME too.

After all sorts of dinners and parties with family and friends this weekend, they are off to Vegas, on their own ticket – although Dad did pay for a pair of tickets to see AC/DC at the MGM Grand; and he just might have something else for them ??    Ssshhh.

Last summer I met someone special, and that’s a big deal too… so life goes on, and we’ve got to cherish every single day.  Spring time, and Easter – all about re-birth, revitalization – yep, it’s a good feeling !  Have yourself a terrific Easter Weekend – catch you next time.  Gene

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