Marching in like a lamb.

Mar 08, 2010

By Gene Stevens

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How about this gorgeous weather !  How about that Oscar show last night !  I know most of the country was still revelling in Olympic glory – congrats to all Olympians, regardless of how and where they placed – just being at the ‘big show’ is a huge achievement – but as soon as the Vancouver games were over, I was excited about the ‘Hollywood Games’ called the Oscars.

I’m way more into movies than sports – so Academy Awards are a big deal for me, and I tried very hard to see most of the nominated films.  From ‘The Cove’, and ‘Last Station’ thru ‘Single Man’ and ‘Serious Man’ to ‘Avatar’ and ‘Hurt Locker’ – I caught ’em all – and liked ’em all, and even LOVED some of them.  But I cannot truthfully say I ‘loved’ either ‘Avatar’ or ‘Hurt Locker’ – despite the hype surrounding both.  I thought they were both good flicks – but all-time classics ?  Nah.  As for ‘enjoyment’ – I loved last year’s ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ way more than either of these.

But I AM very happy for Kathryn Bigelow for breaking thru the gender barrier – one of my daughte’s went to film school a few years back, and dreamed of being the first female director to win Oscar.  She greeted Bigelow’s win with mixed feelings. But I think now that it’s happened, watch for other women to win in coming years – just like how several distance runners broke the 4-minute mile within months of Roger Banister first doing it back in 1954.  Something about the psychology of finally breaking a barrier – followed by it being broken regularly.

Did you like the show itself ?  I did – except for that horrid opening number !  Martin and Baldwin were funny I thought and the show moved faster than I ever remember it before. But I miss seeing the songs being performed. Alas, they had to make time for the increased number of nominated films…which I’m still not sure about.  It’s good to see more films being recognized, but I wonder how impressive it is to have a film win the big prize with perhaps a fraction of the total vote.

Back to radio – we had a blast Saturday night at Casino Rama, welcoming Mr.Twister – Chubby Checker – who really isn’t all that ‘chubby’.  He’s tall alright, and filled out, but he’s in good shape from twisting for a half-century now.  He puts on a great show; although we had a pretty good show of our own in the Casino Rama lobby where we set up for a live broadcast of Bill Gable’s ‘Heart & Soul of Rock’nRoll’ – you should’ve seen our twist competition – fun !  And it was very cool to have Checker come out and chat awhile with Bill before his concert.

It’s a big weekend coming up at AM 740 – look for the debut of  a brand new show – “The British Invasion” hosted by Robbie Lane – Saturday 6-7pm., will spotlight the greats from Great Britain, from Cliff Richard and Helen Shapiro to the Beatles, Stones, Hermits, Animals, Searchers, DC5, and so many others.  Robbie’s show will lead right into Bill’s “Heart & Soul of Rock’n’Roll” at 7pm.

On Sunday, my show celebrates its 3rd anniversary – check out some of my favourite musical highlights from the past 3 years on ‘Vintage Favourites’ from 2-4pm. this Sunday (March 14).

Have yourself a great week, and hopefully a great month, as March came in like a little lamb – all warm and fuzzy…enjoy the weather, and hope the March ‘lion’ stays away.  Gene.

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