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The Conspiracy Show – February 19th, 2012

Richard took a call from a woman in Oshawa who remembered seeing a strange, almost hypnotizing light appear to her on Hamilton Beach, Lake Ontario back in the 60s.
Another caller from Rochester, New York expressed his concern that the Obama Administration was doing business with The Palestinian Authority, coalition which includes Hamas.

Richard played a clip from Judge Andrew Napolitano’s last show as host of Freedom Watch on the Fox Business Channel. He also read an article in The London Daily Mail in which UFO researcher and former Pentagon consultant Timothy Good stated publically that former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower held secret meetings with extraterrestrials on three separate occasions.

Richard welcomes an independent researcher to discuss his theory of supernatural mechanics. Utilizing a model based in part on a lost Biblical cosmology that has been hidden in plain view for centuries, Thomas P Fusco affirms that this framework can explain the workings of miracles, psychic phenomena and paranormal phenomena. Moreover, what if this exact same cosmological model could be applied to shed light on a number of puzzling anomalies still confronting science today like certain enigmas involving gravity, origins of intelligence, quantum entanglement and dark matter, as well as the feasibility of interstellar travel, higher dimensions, teleportation and time travel?

Fusco believe that the theory of supergeometry presented in his new book, “Behind the Cosmic Veil: A New Vision of Reality Merging Science, the Spiritual and the Supernatural” (now available at has finally uncovered this long-coveted unifying concept. In this groundbreaking work, author Fusco employs a revolutionary approach to uncover the underlying cosmic matrix connecting contemporary physics, the human psyche, paranormal phenomena and long-established religious principles, then weaves it into an entirely new model of reality that not only joins these disciplines into a single, greater system, but explains the enigmas of our time in a sensible, consistent and scientific way. This extraordinary model foretells the coming of a future super-technology by which we will be able to create anything we can imagine. Behind the Cosmic Veil opens the door to a whole new way of looking at our inner selves and the universe around us, where the boundaries between mind, faith, physics and the supernatural become indistinguishable.… read more

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