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Thursday June 22nd,  2017

Mayor John Tory gave his “State of the City” address at the Toronto Region Board of Trade yesterday, and used the opportunity to roll out his “Smart Streets” plan to fight traffic congestion in the city. Some of the tenets of the plan include teaming up with a traffic congestion app that would let the city know when collisions happen, and another parking enforcement blitz. Will any of this work? Mayor Tory will join Libby to talk about all the details. Click here to listen to the podcast.




Billy Cheung – June 22
Have you had a MedsCheck consultation yet? The more you know about the prescription, over-the-counter and natural medications you’re taking, the better – especially if you’re taking multiple medications to treat a chronic condition. The MedsCheck program is just one way that your pharmacist can help make sure you’re getting the most benefit from your medications. Pharmacist Billy Cheung answers your questions about MedsCheck. Click here to listen to the podcast.


Tyler Charlebois & Adam Price – June 6
Zoomers were asked to nominate trade businesses that deserved to be recognized for their great work in our Celebrating the Trades partnership with the Ontario College of Trades. Adam Price, Owner of Cannam Electric was nominated by our listeners for his electric work and for the work he does supporting future trades with apprentice opportunities. He is joined by Tyler Charlesbois from the Ontario College of Trades. Click here to listen to the podcast.



Miles Posner – May 23
No one is invincible as life is not a dress rehearsal. The best and only time you can buy critical illness insurance is when you don’t need it. Miles Posner from My Dignity Inc. joins Libby to discuss critical illness insurance. Click here to listen to the podcast.



Dr. Zach Levine – April 26
We had so much demand for the topic, we’re going to talk about it again. Not all symptoms are created equal. While most times a sore back or headache are nothing to worry about, Dr. Zach Levine says there are some symptoms you should report right away. In addition, Dr. Zach will take phone calls on any other topic you’d like. Click here to listen to the podcast.