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Thursday, October 19th, 2017

The Federal Finance Minister was expected to address concerns of farmers and fishers as part of his controversial tax proposals. Minister Morneau is scheduled to make an announcement at a farm in Erinsville, Ontario alongside the Agriculture Minister. The Trudeau Liberal’s plans for tax reform have raised fears that they could add significant costs for some business owners who hope to keep certain types of businesses such as farms, in the family. Morneau has already said he’s listened to those worries and technical fixes were likely on the way to address the issue. The Finance Minister says he was advised to deal with his assets in this way by the Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson, even though Dawson is rejecting that scenario. We speak with Mark Wales, an Elgin Count farmer who serves on the Ontario Federation of Agriculture Board of Directors and Michael Diamond from Upstream Strategy group about it. Click here to listen to the podcast

The 2nd installment of the Angus Reid Institute’s two-year review of the Trudeau government finds respondents divided in their personal opinions on Trudeau the celebrity – roughly one-third like it, one-third dislike it, and one-third profess to be “neutral.” Asked whether Trudeau’s celebrity is good or bad for Canada, however, a full majority (54%) say it’s a net positive for the country, compared to fewer than one-in-five (19%) who say it’s a bad thing. Charismatic and Modern?  or Arrogant and Flaky?  Canadians are weighing in on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his brand, and while there are mixed feelings about Trudeau’s celebrity, most Canadians feel it’s good for the country. Shachi Kurl, Executive Director of the Angus Reid Institute joins us to talk about it. Click here to listen to the podcast

Do you take your medicine as directed? Do you always fill prescriptions that your Doctor has ordered for you to take? Our trusted contributor from the Ontario Pharmacists Association, Dean Miller is here to help us understand what the long-term consequences may be for medication non-adherence, which includes not taking your medication on time, being confused as to how to properly take the medication, and many other reasons that non adherence exists. Click here to listen to the podcast

If you’re thinking about getting some plumbing work done around the house, but don’t know if it’s a do it yourself job, Scott Brownrigg, Director of Corporate Communications from the Ontario College of Trades and Master Plumber Rob Kisielewski explain why you should be looking to hire an experienced, well trained and licensed plumber to get the job done right. They also share some helpful plumbing tips. Click here to listen to the podcast