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Our new Premier Doug Ford has made many changes during his first month in office. He’s already made changes in a number of areas from carbon taxes to Hydro One, social assistance programs to cannabis retail and the cutting of Toronto city council and more. But, are all of these changes beneficial? And what about #clapgate? where following Ford’s press conferences, a large group of 20 something staffers clap so loudly that the media is unable to the Premier any questions. Ford’s media strategy? He’s set up his own online “news” service, offering dedicated up-to-date “reporting” called Ontario News Now all on the taxpayer’s dime. Jane Brown will take the temperature of the PC Party now under Ford rule for 45 days when she speaks with Sean Speer is a Munk Senior Fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute and Mike Van Soelen, Managing Principal and strategist at Navigator Ltd.

As President Trump continues to target the Canadian economy and people, Canadians are preparing for an all-out trade war. Nothing has proved that more than the recent effort turned-viral-trend to buy local and boycott American products. This push comes in response to Trump’s self-described trade war with Canada. His disdain for the Canadian people, threats to inflict crippling tariffs and personal attacks on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have provoked an intense wave of national unity. The boycott has had huge reach with 75% of Canadians deciding to avoid travel to the US according to a Nanos poll taken last month. Host Jane Brown speaks with the founder of Nanos Research, Nik Nanos as well as experts Karl Littler, who is the VP of Public Affairs at the Retail Council of Canada and Ted Mallett, Vice President and Chief Economist at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.