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Thursday, April 19, 2018

So far this year, Toronto City crews have filled more than 124 thousand potholes filling more than 85 hundred in the past three weeks. That work will continue this weekend when the Don Valley Parkway closes for spring maintenance. The DVP will close in both directions between the 401 and the Gardner Expressway at 11 o’clock Friday night reopening Monday morning at 5. According to the city, it costs about up to 5 million dollars a year to fix potholes. Last year, the city dealt with more than 180-thousand potholes and usually makes repairs within four days of receiving a pothole report. So, where does the city stand with regards to budgeting for pothole repairs, and how are they going to manage to fill all of them and by when? Libby speaks with the Vice Chair of the Public works and Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Stephen Holyday and personal injury lawyer Brian Cameron of Oatley Vigmond injury law firm.

Concerns about even higher gas prices in Canada seem to be well founded. Prices spiked in the past month with drivers playing between a dollar 20 and a dollar 40 a litre. Now expert Roger McKnight who is Chief Petroleum Analyst at En Pro thinks we will be hit again and the on-going dispute over the Kinder Ross Pipeline between Alberta and BC, a possible CP rail strike are both adding to the uncertainty. Libby speaks with senior petroleum analyst Dan McTeague of

Free naloxone kits are now available in Ontario at your pharmacy, and having one can help temporarily reverse an opioid overdose. But what does the kit contain and how is Naloxone used? We learn how to spot the signs of an opioid overdose and other life-saving information when our trusted contribution from the Ontario Pharmacists Association, John Papastergiou stops by our studio.