This Week on Vintage Favourites – December 17th

Hi, I’m Gene Stevens with a look ahead to the next ‘Vintage Favourites’.
It’s the second of our two-part look back at ‘The Best of Vintage Favourites – 2017’ – featuring highlight shows and classic songs from them – like the 50th anniversaries of Sgt.Pepper and the Monterey Pop Festival, the 60th anniversary of American Bandstand, and the 75th birthdays of Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson, Barbra Streisand and Carole King. Those were a few of the past year’s highlights.
I’ll also have a major birthday spotlight for Burton Cummings’ 70th, tracing his music from the Guess Who through the solo years.
That’s all on the next ‘Vintage Favourites’ this Sunday at 2, from Zoomer Radio.