Libby Znaimer is joined by Ken Greene, Chair of Energy and Environmental Studies at The Fraser Institute, Peter Tabuns, NDP MPP and Critic on Energy, and Brian Lilley, Columnist for the Toronto Sun.

A report by the Fraser Institute indicates that the cost of residential electricity bills for Ontario residents continue to rise even with a government subsidy program in place.

Between April of 2018 and April of 2019, the cost of household electricity in Toronto increased by five percent and, you may be startled to know that here in Ontario, residents are paying an average of about 22 percent more for their electricity in comparison to the rest of Canadians.

According to the Fraser Institute, one reason for this reality is that Ontario has a subcharge on electricity, which was implemented as part of the 2009 Green Energy Act under Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government.

Libby and guests discuss the findings of the Fraser Institute study and analyze what it all means for Ontarians

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