John Lennon Anniversary Special

A Rock and Roll Investigator speaks about Lennon’s life including suggestions made in Albert Goldman’s book, The Lives of John Lennon, that it was Lennon who killed Stuart Sutcliffe.

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  1. ob says:

    OMG I love John Lennon! I just became a fan of his stuff but i’ve ayawls known who he was. I just never really cared until I visited the Dakotas in New York City and Strawberry Feilds. It just kinda pinged in me that this was a really kewl guy.I can’t believe how young he was when that pshyco shot him. And I agree with the anonymous person two above me. You don’t do that with picasso. So why John Lennon? He was truely a great person. Don’t diss that.Or the entire world will come and kick your ass:O