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The Conspiracy Show Podcast – October 12th

PART ONE – EXOTIC ENERGY AND THE INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS Richard welcomes, Hon. Paul Hellyer, Canada’s former minister of defence, author and public speaker to discuss the malfeasance of international banksters and their role in the suppression of a disruptive exotic energy … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – October 5th

PART ONE – MAE BRUSSELL AND FASCISM IN AMERICA Richard welcomes ALEX CONSTANTINE, an author/investigative journalist to discuss the life and career of the late Mae Brussell, a radio personality whose work centered around the JFK assassination and the history of … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – September 28th

PART ONE – PAST LIVES Richard welcomes Debbie Papadakis - a Reiki Master, Neuro Linguistic Programmer and Past Life Regression Trainer to conduct another in an ongoing series of live past life regressions on the program. PART TWO – THE WORLD’S MOST … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – September 21st

PART ONE – THE BIBLE, 9/11, WALL STREET AND THE FALL OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE Richard welcomes Jonathan Cahn, a pastor and international, best-selling author to discuss a 3,000-year-old mystery in the Bible that is able to fortell future events.  This … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – September 14th

PART ONE – HEALTH TIPS FROM THE AKASHIC RECORD Richard welcomes, Dr. Douglas James Cottrell, a trance clairvoyant, remote viewer, published author, and healer to discuss his new health guide which he dictated to his son while in a deep meditative … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – September 7th

PART ONE – THE SCIENCE OF CONSPIRACY THEORY Richard welcomes Joseph Uscinski, a political scientist and university professor to discuss why conspiracies are so popular in North American culture, how they’re treated in the mainstream media, and the important role conspiracy theory … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – August 31st

PART ONE – ROSWELL INVESTIGATOR Richard welcomes the world’s foremost Roswell UFO crash investigator Donald Schmitt to talk about his appearance at Richard’s Follow The Truth Summit in Oshawa, Ontario, in November. PART TWO – ROBOT APOCALYPSE Richard speaks with Eric Schiffer an advanced technology expert … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – August 24th

PART ONE – BACKSTAGE IN THE GLOBAL THEATRE Richard welcomes, Joel Skousen, the editor and publisher of an alternative weekly news analysis service to discuss the beheading of American journalist James Foley, Ebola, and the Ferguson riots. PART TWO – VIRTUAL … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – August 17th

PART ONE – REMEMBERING ALIEN ABDUCTION RESEARCHER Richard and Victor Viggiani welcome filmmaker, Denise David Williams, to discuss the life and times of Harvard Professor and Pulitzer-Prize-winning author, the late Dr. John Mack.  Mack spent nearly two decades studying 200 men and women who … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – August 10th

PART ONE – CRIMES OF THE NEW WORLD Richard speaks with  Michael Henry Dunn, a human rights advocate, to discuss his efforts to create an enforceable, global human rights court. Such a court would have the statutory authority to prosecute the oligarchs … read more