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The Conspiracy Show Podcast – April 13th

PART ONE – ALIEN CONTACT & THE GOVERNMENT COVER UP Richard and Victor Viggiani welcome a paranormal researcher and  filmmaker to explore the extraterrestrial presence here on Earth, the shadowy world of alien abduction, human/alien hybridization, reverse-engineering of technology and … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – April 6th

PART ONE - UN AGENDA 21 Richard speaks with an environmental consultant, Dr. timothy Ball, who is highly suspicious of the United Nation’s Agenda 21. PART TWO – POLICE AND UFO SIGHTINGS Richard welcomes a retired police officer Gary Heseltine from … read more

Conspiracy Show Podcast – March 30th

PART ONE - WAS FLIGHT 370 COMMANDEERED Guest-Host Victor Viggiani speaks with a senior consultant with a disaster and emergency management firm about his theory that missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 was commandeered for future use as a weapon. PART TWO - BOSNIAN PYRAMIDS … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – March 23rd

Richard lost his voice! While he was unable to do the show live, he hopes you will enjoy this repeat broadcast from January 19th, 2014. PART ONE- THE GIANTS WHO RULED AMERICA Richard welcomes an Emmy Award-winning writer and author … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – March 16th

PART ONE – CLIMATE CHANGE Richard welcomes a one of the world’s leading sceptic climatologists – Dr. Timothy Ball -who presents evidence as to why the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is nothing more and nothing less than … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – March 9th

PART ONE – UKRAINE, CRIMEA, OBAMA, PUTIN AND WORLD WAR THREE Richard welcomes syndicated columnist and broadcaster, Stephen Lendman, to discuss the situation in Ukraine and Crimea, and the increasingly tense stand-off between Russian President Vlamimir Putin and the U.S. … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – March 1st

PART ONE – GHOST ROCKETS Richard welcomes author and researcher Micha Hanks to discuss reports that began to surface following the Second World War of unidentified aerial technology  that was capable of incredible maneurverability. PART TWO – WHAT’S HAPPENING IN UKRAINE? Richard … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – February 22nd

PART ONE – ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT AND MIND CONTROL Richard welcomes Dr. John Hall, a doctor and author to discuss various electronic harassment and mind control techniques being used against innocent civilians. PART TWO – WHO IS KILLING THE BANKERS? Richard … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – February 16th

PART ONE – TRANSHUMANISM PT. 2 Richard welcomes a visual artist, media designer and futurist, Natasha Vita-More, to discuss the international cultural and intellectual movement known as transhumanism. Transhumanists seek to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities through … read more

The Conspiracy Show Podcast – February 9th

PART ONE – THE REINCARNATION OF SUPERMAN Special guest-host Victor Viggiani welcomes a former registered nurse, Jean Cline, and her psychotherapist, Gary Duncan, to describe a remarkable spiritual journey involving the late TV Superman actor George Reeves. PART TWO – … read more