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On Thursday August 27th GFB: Bhupesh Shah, McLean Greaves, Dr. Mark Lynas & Billy Cheung

11:05 AM ET | Bhupesh Shah 11:15 AM ET | McLean Greaves 12:00 PM ET | Dr. Mark Lynas 12:30 PM ET | Billy Cheung GUEST – Bhupesh Shah, professor and co-ordinator, Social Media graduate certificate program, Seneca College TOPIC … read more

Sponsor Jane Brown in Bladder Cancer Awareness Walk

I am walking in memory of my Mom who died of bladder cancer on May 1, 2012. Sandy Brown fought her disease for 3 tireless years, but ultimately had no choice but to give in, months ahead of her 69th … read more

Disney Sets Sights on Massive ‘Star Wars Land’

The Disney organization released word this week that Disney theme parks have their sights on a galaxy far, far away. “Star Wars” is getting its own themed lands at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California. … read more

On Wednesday August 26th GFB: Dr. James Downar, Nathalie Boutet, Dr. Zach & Dr. Ritesh Patel

11:05 AM ET | Dr. James Downar 11:30 AM ET | Nathalie Boutet 12:00 PM ET | Dr. Zach 12:30 PM ET | Dr. Ritesh Patel GUEST – Dr. James Downar, Palliative Care and Critical Care, UHN, Program Director, Conjoint … read more

On Tuesday August 25th GFB: Professor Martin Prince, Mimi Lowi-Young, Kim Parlee, Liam McGuinty & Brian Pritchard

11:05 AM ET | Mimi Lowi-Young 11:30 AM ET | Professor Martin Prince 12:05 PM ET |Kim Parlee 12:15 PM ET | Liam McGuinty 12:30 PM ET | Brian Pritchard GUEST – Professor Martin Prince, King’s College London’s Institute of … read more

On Monday August 24th GFB: Benjamin Tal, Kimberley Wakefield, Albert Koehl

11:05 AM ET | Benjamin Tal 12:00 PM ET | Kimberley Wakefield 12:30 PM ET | Albert Koehl GUEST- Benjamin Tal, Deputy Cheif economist at CIBC. TOPIC – His comment on this latest round of drastic market corrections and what … read more

Pet of The Week: Dior

Dior is gentle girl deserving of owners who will be patient and kind with her, but will also provide her with fair and structured leadership to help build her confidence. She’d like to be allowed to feel like the world … read more

On Thursday August 20th GFB: Dr. Mark Berber, Annie Kidder, Moses Znaimer & Nayan Patel

11:05 AM ET | Dr. Mark Berber 11:15 AM ET | Annie Kidder 12:05 PM ET | Moses Znaimer 12:30 PM ET | Nayan Patel GUEST – Dr. Mark Berber, Assistant Professor U of T & Queens University, Acting Chief … read more

Josh Groban Sings Donald Trump’s Craziest Tweets, Hilarious!

Josh Groban’s ‘angelic voice’ is put to great comedic use in this hilarious Jimmy Kimmel sketch! Singing along to some of Donald Trump’s craziest Tweets, Groban had us all rolling on the floor. As Josh Groban says, “Donald Trump’s Tweets … read more

Harper Moves to Ban Travel to “places that are ground zero for terrorist activity”

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said last weekend that, “A re-elected Conservative government will designate travel to places that are ground zero for terrorist activity a criminal offence.” He did not name any specific countries describing them only as “declared areas” … read more