Team Jane Brown raise $5000!!! to fight BLADDER CANCER

Thank you for helping Team Jane Brown raise $5000!!! to fight BLADDER CANCER -in memory of Jane’s Mom, Sandy Brown.

It was damp and a little cool, but the Toronto Bladder Cancer Awareness Walk at Sunnybrook Park this past Sunday was a big success!

Bladder cancer remains the 5th most common cancer in Canada, and yet it is 20th on the list for funding. Bladder Cancer Canada needs your support to help fight this disease!

If you haven’t had an opportunity to donate, there is still time to make a contribution. You will receive an instant emailed tax receipt. Click here to donate.

There are also bladder cancer walks going on in other locations across the country until September 27th. See how you can get involved, click here.

Jane Brown

About Jane Brown

Jane is the morning news anchor on the New AM 740 with The Happy Gang and the Associate News Director for both AM 740 and Classical 96.3FM. Follow her on Twitter.