Resolving - an everyday thing

Jan 02, 2010

By Dale Goldhawk

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Resolutions? Wouldn’t it be nice to have just one or two for the whole year? In fact, we’re making resolutions every day of every year and, here’s the good part, we’re fulfilling most of them.

We resolve to get up and get to work. We resolve to get the kids off to school and feed them properly. We resolve to get through the day with most of our chores done. We resolve to be good citizens. And most of the time, most of us succeed in our resolutions. We should be proud of ourselves for our successes instead of feeling down because we couldn’t achieve one or two promises we made to ourselves and a few others on New Year’s Eve. 

Some of the resolutions I made during 2009: get involved in good causes; support a great cause in the erradication of the landfill at Site 41 in Ontario; help organize a drive to Save Shakespeare from a road widening… I also resolved, at times during the year, to make Canadian consumers more aware of the frauds that can drain their life savings and steal away their self esteem. I promised myself I would do more to educate Canadians about things like taking care of their finances, protecting themselves through the law, travelling the globe worry-free and voting in responsible ways for our leaders. You know what, all those resolutions came to be.

We are faced with a potentially very exciting year ahead in 2010. We’ll have the Olympics on Canadian soil. We may see a return to much better economic conditions throughout the world as well as here in Canada. We’ll see Canada preparing to change its role significantly in Afghanistan. I’m looking forward to 2010.

As for resolutions. I know I’ll keep on trucking until Site 41 is dead and its burial site filled in and returned to good farmland once more. I’ll work with the good people in Shakespeare on more rallies or whatever they want to protect their great little hamlet from the bulldozers and paving crews. I’ll continue bringing to the airwaves and the Internet people who can give good advice on a zillion topics of interest and importance to consumers and Zoomers and the rest of us.

As for those big, once a year resolutions, like losing 10 pounds or learning to play the xylophone, well, I think I’ll leave that heavy sledding to others. I’ll make my resolutions on a weekly, daily or ad hoc basis and, you know what, I think I’ll get most of them done, just like most of us will do during 2010.  Good for us and all the best for the year ahead.

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