Feb 17, 2023

By Christine Ross

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Call it a TikTok take over.

Zoomers have embraced the social media platform previously dominated by a younger demo of influencers to share humour, advice and wisdom. They’re called “oldfluencers”

Among them, 69-year-old retired mother and grandmother Vivian Boyko of Saskatchewan who’s taking TikTok by storm, getting millions of views with her dose of humour and fun.



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♬ Title – Meghan Trainor


“I saw my first TikTok in November, 2020  and my husband asked me what I’d like for Christmas, and I said a ring light and I need some wigs!”

Vivian first took to social media to help sell a book she wrote but it soon morphed into much more.

“I’m in it for fun and to bring a smile to people’s faces.”

Vivian is one of a growing number of baby boomers taking to social media to sharing everything from recipes, home decor ideas and daily life hacks like Lunch With Babs, who’s attracted 3 million followers.


Here is your spoonful of Wisdom. My grandmother always said Keeping organized saves you time and money. Plus a little advice from Babs, it brings you peace 🕊️ Here are the easy steps I follow when cleaning out the pantry. 🥫Step 1 Get everything out of the pantry or cabinets. Clear out everything and wipe down the shelves. I like to wipe down the shelves with my homemade cleaner. It is a 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, 2/3 cup white vinegar and 2 cups water solution. 🥫Step 2 Check cans for visible signs of age – dents, rust, bulging get rid of any that fit this criteria. Take note of the best by or use by date. 🥫Step 3 Categorize all pantry contents into groups (like pasta, rice, canned vegetables, soups/broths, snacks and condiments) 🥫Step 4 Place the food by category in plastic bins, containers, even shoe boxes. You can even find containers around the house. They don’t all have to match. It is not about everything looking perfect, it is about easily finding things when you need them. I like stadium shelving for cans and spices and a lazy susan for heavy oils and sauces. I decant cereals, flour, oats etc to keep things fresh longer and save space. And don’t forget , when storing cans and other items, use “FIFO”. First In First Out. Load new items to the back of the cupboard and bring older ones forward. 🥫Step 5 Label everything so you and everyone else knows where to find things AND put them away. You can use fancy labels or just use a sharpie right on the plastic container. The marker will erase with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. If you don’t use containers just label your shelves with labels. An easy way to get everything back in its place every time 🥫Bonus Tip – Use every space you can, like the back of your pantry door. An over the door shoe organizer makes great extra storage or a good grab and go snack center. That is your spoonful of wisdom for today. Keep yourself organized and you will save time and money because food is expensive! #pantryorganization #organization

♬ original sound – everyone’s grandmother

“Marketers are looking at my age group to be an influencer, and I think they’ve tagged that  oldfluencers, that doesn’t bother me, I never took offence to that because it is a new wave of seniors influencing how we buy,” says Vivian.

Marketing expert David Soberman teaches at the Rotman school of management

“People who are 60, live to their 80’s and that’s still 20 years of business, so I think there’s a shift going on” said Soberman. “Over time, people over 60 are going to be  to be more digitally comfortable and capable on social media which means that these trends will continue.”

There’s been some push back at boomers on the app but Vivian doesn’t care too much about the naysayers.

“What I have to say about that is they can say whatever they want, but we’re here to stay.”


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