Zoomer Crooners & Songbirds: Deb Chard, Women's Self Defense Senior Instructor

Nov 22, 2023

By Lily Frost

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In this show, my guest is Deb Chard, a 35 years experienced Wendo (women’s self defense) senior instructor.

The majority of victims of harassment, abuse and physical and sexual assault are women. Why is this?

In Deb’s bio it reads;

Our understanding that there are no rules; our understanding that there are lies that we grow up with about our ability, our strength and our self reliance is, in my view, at the core of how we make real change in our lives and in the world. I am inspired by our ability as women to break down the misogynist, ableist, racist, oppressive myths that promote internalized and externalized contempt for girls and women. I celebrate our collective and individual will to create change in our own lives and in the world reflecting the underlying revolution of strong, resilient, determined women!

Listen to the episode below:

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