Zoomer Crooners & Songbirds - A Halloween Special!

Oct 25, 2023

By Lily Frost

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All Hallows Eve is supposedly when the witches, ghosts and goblins come out.

We dress up in costumes, get spooked and collect candy. Samhain is the name of this night in Celtic origins.

Witches are very popular on Halloween and have been depicted as large nosed, cracking crone women in pointy hats, riding a broomstick, and stirring a cauldron full of toads and lizards to cast evil spells.

Let’s dispel some of these myths and find out where these stereotypes come from. What is a witch actually? Let’s hear from some real live witches mouths what it is to be a practicing witch in todays society. I will be joined by Kiki Keskinen the founder of Witch School Canada and Shoshana Sperling of Community Out Witch.

We will find out what a spell is, what Halloween mean to a witch, how does intention and connection to nature and goddess play into the empowerment of women?

After my research and interviews it seems clear to me that witchcraft is a practice created by women, for women to employ patience, healing, connection, strength and intention. Why is that and has that always been such a  huge threat to the patriarchy?

If you’re curious, listen in on Saturday, October 29th at 6 PM when I interview Kiki and Shoshana on Zoomer Crooners & Songbirds-Zoomer Radio. 96.7 FM and AM 740.




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