Hosted by
Judy Librach

Saturdays from 1pm – 2pm
Finding Your Bliss with Judy Librach is a show that helps people find and follow their bliss. Host Judy Librach has a real desire to help people feel good about themselves and bring more joy and-well being into their everyday lives! She is also a “make it happen kind of person” who believes that you have to ‘Dream it. Believe it. Take Action and you’ll Achieve it!’ Some of the people Judy Librach will be interviewing include well-known self-help authors, celebrities, mindfulness, yoga and meditation practitioners, as well as therapists, life coaches and wellness experts. The show will also feature a mini meditation, a call-in segment, a Bliss Quote for the week, and lots of musical guests, because Judy is connected to many singers and musicians, and believes that music is so uplifting, and knows that it can make you feel so good!

“Like sunshine, music is a powerful force that can instantly and almost chemically change your entire mood.”

Judy is looking forward to helping her listeners take one step closer to finding their bliss.

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