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MONDAY MAY 21, 2019


Drivers are discovering there is no statute of limitations on their traffic violations. Old traffic tickets from more than 30 years ago are coming back to haunt drivers who are finding their licenses suspended. Following a 2018 Auditor General’s report the City of Toronto changed the way it tracks down unpaid traffic tickets, realizing that suspensions are a strong motivator to get these fines paid. People are complaining the suspensions are happening without notice, and the city admits the contact information associated with the tickets may well be out of date, making the drivers unreachable. Until their license is suspended. Libby talks to X-Copper Appeals Manager Jenna Little about the frequent calls she receives from drivers in the same situation.


Two polls in recent days show a sharp decline in public support of the Ford government.

A new poll out today by Environics Research finds that 75% of respondents believe Doug Ford’s PC Government is on the wrong track. Specifically even out of 10 Torontonians say that they are less likely to vote for the Progressive Conservative party in the next election due to its decision to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from Toronto Public Health’s budget. Friday a Pollara Strategic Insights survey reported 31 per cent of respondents now prefer Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats, compared to 30 per cent for Ford’s Tories.

Yesterday Mayor John Tory sent the premier a letter requesting a reverse of the retroactive cuts, saying if the cuts proceed the city will be forced to raise taxes.

Libby talks to John Capobianco, Political Commentator, Senior Partner, FleishmanHillard HighRoad.


After more than 100 years of service, come July the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) will no longer be investigating cruelty cases involving livestock and horses. This change follows a January court decision that found the organization’s powers to enforce federal and provincial laws unconstitutional. Friday the Ontario government posted an online survey looking for public input on how to ensure animal welfare, but the OSPCA fears the clock is ticking and little progress has been made in establishing a replacement model. Libby talks to the OSPCA General Counsel Brian Shiller about the decision to change their services, and Barbara Cartwright, CEO of Humane Canada joins the conversation to discuss what the government can do to ensure the continued safety of these animals.


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