October 25 2020: Dr. Charles Zelden on Older Voters & An Exit Interview with Kathleen Wynne

Zoomers are a demographic that is key to success at the polls in America – as well as other countries including ours.  Even though younger generations have surpassed baby boomers in sheer numbers, an overwhelming proportion of the older generation votes. In 2016, they were regarded as the most pro-Trump demographic and they were instrumental to his victory. Where do they stand now? Libby Znaimer checked in with in Dr. Charles Zelden, a political science expert from Nova Southeastern University in Florida.


She was Ontario’s first female and openly gay premier. Kathleen Wynne led the Liberal party to regain a majority in 2014 only to suffer a crushing defeat in 2018. Libby talked with Kathleen Wynne about her career after she announced she won’t be running again in 2022.