Neil Orford on the 1918 Flu Pandemic & Collette Murphy on Backyard Preserves – October 4 2020

As we head into the second wave of the coronavirus, it’s instructive to remember that Canada went through this a hundred years ago. The death toll was staggering – pegged at between 50 and 100 million worldwide. But many, like Edward G.R. Ardagh of Toronto, survived and he wrote his experiences down in his diary for us to be able to read today. Some of his symptoms are eerily similar to today, as was the rush to try unproven remedies. But we’ve come a long way, starting with our ability to get a handle on the numbers. Libby Znaimer spoke with historian Neil Orford.


Love fresh Ontario produce? Or did you grow way more than your family can eat in the backyard garden and want to preserve it for year-round access? Preserving food has been handed down from generations and it’s making a comeback. From canning, to pickling, preserves to jellies. Collette Murphy owns seed company Urban Harvest and she’s been preserving food for half a century. No matter the reason, nostalgia, saving money or if you want to eat locally year round, Colette shares some tips for beginners and experts alike.