Dr. Hance Clarke on The Medical Cannabis Real-World Evidence Study & Catherine Iniss on Cottage Properties – July 26 2020

Over a million Canadians use medical Cannabis to treat everything from nausea to chronic pain. But there is a lack of rigorous, clinical evidence demonstrating its efficacy for specific conditions. That’s why the university health network is launching a new clinical trial in partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart to help doctors prescribe the right medicine for the right patient at the right dose. The Medical Cannabis Real-World Evidence study will track the outcomes of 2000 patients using verified and validated medical cannabis products. Libby talked with trial lead, Dr. Hance Clarke, Director of Pain Services, Toronto General Hospital.


If the restrictions of COVID-19 have you hankering for a more bucolic setting, you’re not alone. Being cooped up and working from home has led to a boom in cottage country as city dwellers look to escape. Libby reached Catharine Inniss, a realtor with Johnston and Daniel Rushbrooke Realty.

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