This Week on Vintage Favourites – February 17th

The 2019 Oscars are coming up on February 24th, and I’ll have an appropriate Oscar-themed edition of ‘Vintage Favourites’ for next Sunday’s show. But, I’ll get the ‘Oscar-Party’ started with this Sunday’s lead-up that I call ‘Going to the Movies’. It’s packed with rock’n’roll songs of the 50s and early 60s, with a couple later surprises added for a powerful blast of nostalgia.

Plus: a celebration of ‘Family Day’ with the ‘Vintage Canadiana’ spotlight on the famous Can-Con families like The Cohens, Coopers, Cuddys, the Wilsons, McGarrigles, Bachmans and more. And I’ll continue the year-long feature on ‘the greatest bands of our time’ in alphabetical order, arriving at The Byrds and Beau-marks. That’s all this Sunday at 2pm, from Zoomer Radio.