This Week on The Conspiracy Show – February 17th


Richard welcomes an author, documentary film producer and a remote viewer to discuss what goes on inside America’s most carefully guarded secret, Area 51.  Widely credited with having first brought Area 51 to the public’s attention, Sean David Morton discusses the numerous legends and rumours surrounding the heavily guarded military base located just 30 minutes northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Is the base being used to back-engineer UFO propulsion systems and other alien technology recovered from UFO crash sites?  Is the facility being used by various ET civilizations as some sort of inter-galactic weigh station?  Are reports that the dead bodies of aliens are housed somewhere inside Area 51 true?  And what of the claims of supposed Area 51- Insider Bob Lazar?  Are his remarkable claims credible? And finally, did  the US military and various intelligence groups create the entire UFO/ET mythos as a cover-story in order to distract the public and America’s enemies from the real work being done at Area 51?

Guest: Sean David Morton first came to national attention with his investigations into Area 51 and his accurate predictions regarding the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. He later went on to successfully predict the 92 Landers, the 94 Northridge and the 95 Kobe, Japan earthquakes. In order to get his amazingly accurate predictions out to the world, Sean formed The Prophecy Research Institute in 1992. In the early 1980s, Sean and Dr. Elizabeth Targ pioneered many of the current techniques used in Remote Viewing today. Sean is a skilled and experienced Remote Viewer and has taught Remote Viewing in seminars all over the world. He has been a freelance writer, producer and investigative reporter on television programs such as Sightings, Strange Universe and Hard Copy. Sean is an independent feature film writer, director, and author. He is the author of The Sands of Time, The Dark Prophet, and Black Seraph.



Richard welcomes regular contributor Rosemary Ellen Guiley back to the program. Rosemary is a paranormal researcher and best-selling author. Tonight, Rosemary provides practical instruction for seeing, communicating and working with fairies. She’ll explain the fairy realm and provide strategies on the best method of communicating with fairies.  Since ancient times, human beings have been aware that they are not the only residents on the planet.  Sliding in and out of visibility are races of beings who live in nature, the elements and underground.  Many of them look like humans, and many more are strange creatures of different shapes and sizes.  Some of them seem to be part human and part animal, and others seem to be made of the stuff of trees and bushes.  They have supernatural powers, which they will not hesitate to use against people when angry or displeased.  People have quickly learned that it is wise not to cross fairies, and to give them plenty of respect.

Guest: Rosemary Ellen Guiley is one of the leading experts on the paranormal with more than 50 books published by major houses on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual, and mystical topics, including nine single-volume encyclopedias. Her work is translated into 15 languages. She has worked full-time in the paranormal since 1983, researching, investigating, writing, and presenting, and teaching. Her present work focuses interdimensional entity contact experiences of all kinds, technological and mediumistic spirit communications, spiritual growth and development, problem hauntings, and “portals,” or geographic areas of intense paranormal activity. She spends a great deal of her time out in the field conducting investigations and research. She has done ground-breaking research on Shadow People and the Djinn.

Rosemary has studied energy healing, and completed advanced training in bioenergy under Mietek and Margaret Wierkus, Level One Soul Healing under Francesca Szarnicki, and Therapeutic Touch under Dolores Krieger. She is an initiate in Johrei energy healing. She is a reader and teacher of the Tarot, and is co-author with Robert Michael Place of The Alchemical Tarot and The Angels Tarot. She conducts dreamwork, intuition development and past-life recall sessions. Rosemary heads her own multi-media company, Visionary Living, Inc., through which she publishes some of her work in a variety of formats, and also an e-newsletter, Strange Dimensions. Her radio show, also titled “Strange Dimensions,” airs on the SEPIA Radio Network with Eric and Jess Dionne. She has regular radio features on “The Conspiracy Show” with Richard Syrett. (2nd Sunday of every month).



Richard discussed the recent death of 9/11 Truther/author Philip Marshall.  Marshall, a former commercial airline pilot and a contract pilot for the CIA and the DEA allegedly took his own life after killing his two teenage-childrenin their home near Santa Barbara, California.  Richard interviewed Marshall several times, twice on his radio program, and once for an upcoming episode of his television program, also called The Conspiracy Show. Marshall’s book, The Big Bamboozle; 9/11 and the War on Terror implicates officials inside the George W. Bush administration, the CIA and the FBI.  His ten year investigation, which relied heavily upon the findings of the first Congressional Joint Inquiry into 9/11, concluded that the 9/11 terror attacks were financed, planned and orchestrated by members of the Saudi Intelligence Service, several high profile members of the Saudi Royal Family, and then covered up by officials inside the Bush White House.

Richard also discussed a recent U.S. Department of Justice memo which states that the President of the United States has the authority to order the assassination of U.S. citizens without any charges or due process, far from any battlefield. The Obama administration has not only asserted exactly that power in theory, but has exercised it in practice. In September 2011, it killed US citizen Anwar Awlaki in a drone strike in Yemen along with US citizen Samir Khan, and then, in circumstances that are still unexplained, two weeks later killed Awlaki’s 16-year old American son Abdlrahman with a separate drone strike in Yemen.

Since then, senior Obama officials including Attorney General Eric Holder and John Brennan, Obama’s top terrorism adviser and his current nominee to lead the CIA, have explicitly argued that the president is and should be vested with this power. Meanwhile, a Washington Post article from October reported that the administration is formally institutionalizing this president’s power to decide who dies under the Orwellian title “disposition matrix”.