Conspiracy Show Podcast – February 3rd

Richard welcomes a documentary filmmaker who shows how the CIA uses operations like MK-Ultra to dumb down society and eliminate successful artists through substance abuse addictions and other COINTELPRO style tactics.

GUEST: JOHN POTASH has been featured on C-Span’s American History TV, A&E, The Reelz Channel, The Real News Network, and RT television networks. He has also been featured on hundreds of radio programs in the U.S, England and New Zealand, including Coast to Coast AM. He has published articles in Z magazine, Covert Action Quarterly, The Baltimore Chronicle, Rock Creek Free Press, and The Free Press. He has worked counseling people with mental health problems and addictions for over 25 years.

Drugs As Weapons Against Us the documentary is available to rent through Google Play.

JOHNPOTASH.COM is an additional website.