Conspiracy Show Podcast - April 29th

May 01, 2018

By Valerie Massie

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Richard welcomes back the crop circle girl who states that crop circles are real physical evidence of a higher power trying to raise the consciousness of humanity. More research into crop circles can lead to “Official Disclosure” but it is being ignored by the UFO community.

GUEST: PATTY GREER is a prominent UFO filmmaker who produced 8 full feature UFO films in 10 years that received 8 prestigious awards, including 5 EBEs at the International UFO Congress Convention.

Her films offer unrelenting evidence and explosive footage of crop circles being produced by spinning plasma balls of light. Greer’s conclusion after producing 8 UFO films and working closely with Penny Kelly, the real lab partner of the great scientist William Levengood for the final 16 years of his life, is that crop circles are produced by counter-rotating spinning plasma vortices coming out of the earth – not from the sky!


Richard welcomes a researcher into America’s Stonehenge Was it built by ancient people well versed in astronomy and stone construction? Does America’s Stonehenge prove that Europeans were in America (possibly establishing a colony) thousands of years before Columbus?  Why aren’t the history text books teaching this info?

GUEST: DENNIS STONE grew up at America’s Stonehenge and has been involved with the site for the last 55 years, and has met a variety of researchers. Also a full-time airline captain, Dennis has traveled extensively around the world to other ancient sites in Europe and North America. He has been on numerous television and radio shows since 1970. When he is not flying, Dennis spends his time at America’s Stonehenge where his wife Pat manages the day-to-day operations of the site. Their son, Kelsey, who is an engineer, has taken an interest in ongoing research.

Dennis has been on the inaugural season of Scott Wolter’s“America Unearthed.”  He has spent the majority of his life researching if the stone chambers were engineerd by prehistoric Native Americans, or were they built by western European, megalithic builders?  These earliest radiocarbon dates were professionally done and the results revealed a nearly 2000 BC construction date.  There is evidence of even earlier Native utilization of the hill, but there is also evidence of Old World peoples like a written language on stones, corbelled ceilings like at Newgrange and Maes Howe, and an ibex petroglyph.  It’s a very intriguing discussion.  Dennis has recently been investigating the serpentine walls on the property.  Are they contemporary with the chambers, or were they built more recently?  There seems to be the use of the Megalithic Yard used on the property too.  Some stones were quarried on the site.  Some were very large menhires that would have been placed for astronomical alignments.  Why was the site suddenly abandoned?

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