This Week on The Conspiracy Show - February 10th

Feb 07, 2013

By Richard Syrett

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This week on The Conspiracy Show Richard welcomes an author, documentary film producer and a remote viewer to discuss what goes on inside America’s most carefully guarded secret, Area 51. Widely credited with having first brought Area 51 to the public’s attention, Sean David Morton discusses the numerous legends and rumours surrounding the heavily guarded military base located just 30 minutes northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Is the base being used to back-engineer UFO propulsion systems and other alien technology recovered from UFO crash sites?  Is the facility being used by various ET civilizations as some sort of inter-galactic weigh station?  Are reports that the dead bodies of aliens are housed somewhere inside Area 51 true?  And what of the claims of supposed Area 51- Insider Bob Lazar?  Are his remarkable claims credible? And finally, did  the US military and various intelligence groups create the entire UFO/ET mythos as a cover-story in order to distract the public and America’s enemies from the real work being done at Area 51?

Guest: Sean David Morton first came to national attention with his investigations into Area 51 and his accurate predictions regarding the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. He later went on to successfully predict the 92 Landers, the 94 Northridge and the 95 Kobe, Japan earthquakes. In order to get his amazingly accurate predictions out to the world, Sean formed The Prophecy Research Institute in 1992. In the early 1980s, Sean and Dr. Elizabeth Targ pioneered many of the current techniques used in Remote Viewing today. Sean is a skilled and experienced Remote Viewer and has taught Remote Viewing in seminars all over the world. He has been a freelance writer, producer and investigative reporter on television programs such as Sightings, Strange Universe and Hard Copy. Sean is an independent feature film writer, director, and author. He is the author of The Sands of Time, The Dark Prophet, and Black Seraph.

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