On Tuesday August 27th GFB: Jim Bradley and McLean Greaves

Aug 26, 2013

By Dale Goldhawk

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11:15 am ET | Jim Bradley
12:15 pm ET | McLean Greaves

GUEST – Jim Bradley, Minister of the Environment

TOPIC – eco fees.

The Liberal government is moving to scrap controversial consumer eco fees on things like tires and electronics.

Environment Minister Jim Bradley introduced waste reduction legislation Thursday that, among other things, will put the cost of recycling on the producers.

“Recycling is just another cost of doing business and should not appear on a sales slip,” Bradley told a Queen’s Park news conference, adding that competition will drive what producers ultimately pass on to the consumer.

The Waste Reduction Strategy Act, if passed, would end the practice of tacking on a fee at the checkout counter, which simply went back to the producers. The proposed act would replace the existing Waste Diversion Act.

Under the new act, industry-governed Stewardship Ontario, Ontario Electronic Stewardship and the Ontario Tire Stewardship — which were created by the Liberal government — are to be scrapped. For oversight, a new Waste Reduction Authority will be created with new powers to fine companies not living up to recycling goals.

GUEST – McLean Greaves, VP, Digital Media, E-books Division, Zoomer Media, & tech blogger for EverythingZoomer.com.

TOPIC – Blackberry — it’s “rags to riches to rags” story, so to speak.

INFO – This would include discussion on what the future looks like for the company but also the smartphone market in general. By the 27th, I believe there will be news on if Blackberry is indeed for sale or not. Conversely, Apple is launching some new products two weeks later (Sept 10th) which provides interesting symbolism.

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