On Wednesday April 3rd GFB: Jim Wilson

Apr 02, 2013

By Dale Goldhawk

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11:15am ET | Jim Wilson, President, Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation

GUEST- Jim Wilson, President, Canadian Lyme Disease Foundation

TOPIC- Lyme disease

INFO- CanLyme has received a copy of the attached letter that was just sent 2013-03-12, to the Minister of Health and Attorney General of Ontario.

Minister of Health office is ignoring Health Canada’s warning last fall that testing is poor, in that their dept has published guidelines that entrench the very same tests into the Ontario lab system… completely ignoring Health Canada’s warning which came ahead of the Ontario lab guidelines.

Very strong suggestions of gross negligence, bordering on acts of criminality by some individuals perhaps is what is suggested.

“It is unreasonable in the circumstances and, in the writer’s opinion, constitutes an act of gross negligence. That action shows evidence of a complete disregard for the lives and well-being of those persons who have and who suffer with Lyme disease, as well as those who may not yet experience negative consequences from the two-tiered testing system failures. Indeed, considering that a duty of care arises in the Lyme disease case, the action taken by MOH may even border on criminality, subject to finding evidence of improper or untoward intention. The obvious harm from the flawed two-tiered testing system and the guidelines is that they can jeopardize and threaten the health and safety of Ontarians. That is a foreseeable consequence. It comes from the fact that hundreds of Ontario families (perhaps thousands of other Canadians) because of a failed, “false negative” test have been denied accurate, effective and timely diagnostic and treatment services.”

Perhaps there is merit to his argument considering all of the research out of the PHAC and others across Canada concerning testing missing the diversity of the bacteria we have across Canada and throughout North America.

Tens of thousands of tests over that past 30 years are now in question with huge implications to the health care budgets and people’s lives. Everything the Lyme advocates (CanLyme and Lyme Disease Association of Ontario) and their experts have been saying for 2 decades have now been shown to be true.

1) current tests miss the diversity of the genus of Lyme bacteria (shown in the early 1990’s)
2) most species within the Lyme genus DO NOT cause a rash. current research on CanLyme
3) chronic Lyme disease is a real and serious entity misdiagnosed as everything but Lyme disease.
4) Lyme is not rare in Canada … but is rarely diagnosed. See latest PHAC research 80% of Canadians in Lyme infected areas in 7 years(we are already there)
5) Lyme is everywhere birds fly.

Chronic disease in Canada grew at the same rate and locations of where Lyme and related organisms spread.

Perhaps court is the only remedy, unless legislators are willing to pass protective legislation like so many US states have now done to protect doctors who refuse to follow flawed instructions from the medical “officials”.

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