On Thursday's GFB: Phil Edmonston

Feb 14, 2013

By Dale Goldhawk

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11:15am ET | Phil Edmonston, Author – Lemon-Aid new and used car guides


GUEST – Phil Edmonston, Author – Lemon-Aid new and used car guides

TOPIC – Lemon-Aid: On the Road Again

INFO – The 43rd annual edition of Phil Edmonston’s Lemon-Aid new and used car guides is just now hitting the bookstores, as its author and first Quebec NDP MP sets out on his 43rd annual cross-Canada tour this February. On this trip, Phil will highlight the need for auto Lemon Laws throughout Canada and explain why Prime Minister Harper’s $33.8 million grant to Toyota Canada to build more $50,000 Lexus hybrid cars in Canada is both an unneeded handout and a taxpayer sellout.

Phil’s next crusade is bringing the Lemon Law, currently available in the States, to Canada. If a consumer has to take their car in for repairs more than three times in a row without the problem being resolved, they can then sue the car company without government intervention. The car company then has to either refund the consumer’s money or replace the car.


2013 Topics:

1.     Lemon Laws: time has come

2.     Government auto bailouts run out of gas; why not invest in western CNG

3.     Car shows: the seen and unseen

4.     Aged drivers: when to give up the keys

5.     The Art of Complaining: why automakers hear better through their rears than their ears

6.     Sudden unintended acceleration: Not so fast, Toyota

7.     Chrysler quality: an oxymoron?

8.     Infotainment devices that argue with you (hello, Hal?)

9.     Roundup of  best new and used models from 2004-2013

10.  Used cars vs. new cars

11.  Saab warranty repairs in Alberta: no, drive 18 hours to Victoria B. C.

12.  Volvo, Smart, and Suzuki’s uncertain future.

13.  Freight and preparation fees: give me, give me

14.  Is cross-border shopping still a good idea?

15.  Can you trust Lemon-Aid? Not always.

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