Financial Guidance for Widows, Tip to Balance Your Hormones, Natural Collagen, and Bringing Balance to Your Next Move

Oct 01, 2019

By Valerie Massie

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Darren Farwell of the Farwell group gives financial guidance to women especially widows, Dr. Betty Rozendaal of Thornhill Naturopathic Clinic with tips to balance your hormones, Dr Vivien Brown author of a Woman’s Guide to Healthy Aging gives health tips, Jacqui Dunal talks benefits of Natural Collagen, and Laurie Bell of Moving Seniors with a Smile explains how to bring balance to your next move.

Plus happy stories from others of the team:

– Edmond Ayvazyan, hearing instrument specialist of Hearing Aid Source Centres of Toronto
– Linda Miller, matchmaker of Misty River Introductions
– Daniel Wiskin, Accessibility expert of the Total Access Centre

Marilyn Wetston gives it to you straight ‘From a Woman’s Perspective’ on Zoomer Radio every Saturday morning at 8am.

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