This Week on Finding Your Bliss: January 2

Dec 28, 2020

By Meghan Chipman

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Coming up this week on Finding Your Bliss:

We have Intuitive Business Mentor and a Chief Energy Optimizer Jennifer Lyall on the program. She talks about her book illuminating book A Beginner’s Guide to the Soul: Discover Your Inner Wisdom, and helps people learn to master their energy and intuition, so they can enhance their impact and income, while doing what makes their heart sing!

Also on the program, we have Singer-Songwriter and Artist, Amy Pitt. Amy specializes in mindfulness, well-being and reveals how these affect
creativity with the help of her workshops, which encourage others to live creatively from a holistic perspective. She is on the program to talk about the power of mindfulness and her published work; Spiralling Back To The Spark: A Spiritual Journey Towards Authentic Creativity. She also sings one of her new songs.

Join us this Saturday at 1 PM on Finding Your Bliss.

For more information on our show, you can follow us @theblissminute on Instagram and Facebook. Also be sure to visit our online magazine at

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