Apr 11, 2018

By Michelle Saunders

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We felt it necessary to do a follow up segment about recycling – but this time with the focus on blue bins. There are city inspectors checking out the contents of these bins in an effort to combat the rise in contamination of recycling items. How we get rid of our household waste is a global issue. On January 1st China began imposing strict new standards on the contamination of materials it buys. Contaminated recyclables including paper splashed with coffee or pizza boxes soiled by grease can only account for point five percent of the recyclables. China is the world’s largest market for recycled material. But, last year, The City of Toronto made about 16 million dollars from selling recycled materials. But most of us find this all very confusing and the city manager says education is the key, while  projecting an extra cost of 9.2 million dollars this year due to increased recycling contamination and decreased revenue in sales of recycled materials. We speak to Jo-Anne St.Godard, Executive Director of Recycling Council of Ontario and Jim McKay, Toronto’s manager of waste management to learn more.

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