Chris Robinson Travel News: Travel by the Generations

Nov 02, 2017

By Chris Robinson

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New Canadian generational data just released by Expedia, found that Gen Z and Millennials focus on crossing off their bucket list and embrace the ‘you only live once’ mentality, while Baby Boomers enjoy worry-free, all-inclusive resorts and cruises. The findings showcase broad travel trends in the Canadian market, including the motivations, preferences and attitudes of travellers across four generations: Generation Z, Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers.

Most Canadian travellers are deciding between two or more destinations when planning a vacation. Visiting family, relaxing at the beach or on a cruise, and sightseeing are the most popular trip types. Value is of the utmost importance to all generations, and deals help guide their decision-making process. More than 90 percent of all generations said they look for deals before making a decision, and more than 50 percent said ads can be influential in their planning process.

Compared to other generations, Zoomers travel the most – an average of 28 days a year.  This is a third more than Gen X-ers, for example.  Nearly 50% have already decided on a destination when they decide to take a trip. They are more likely to take an international getaway than stay within their own borders and are also quite adventurous once they get to their destination. Zoomers are less likely than other generations to stay with family or friends, but are more likely to stay in a resort.

Zoomers travel for the activities – next to deals, their priority is exploration. Over 70% will go anywhere that allows them to explore the outdoors and be active, and 62% opt for recommendations from locals and “off the beaten path” locations.

65% of Boomers said they are not influenced by social media and more than 95% rely on a computer, rather than a smartphone, throughout the research and booking process. More than 50% of Boomers plan and book on an Online Travel Agency, but when compared to other generations, they are also more likely to book via an airline, hotel or car rental site.

Finally, more than 40% of Boomers said ads with helpful reviews can be influential in their decision-making process, and 58% said they can be influenced by ads with informative content.

So: Zoomers are savvy, discerning, exploring and more leisured…but then I guess we knew that already, didn’t we?

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