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This episode of Finding Your Bliss focuses on mastermind groups! A mastermind is a small gathering of people, that meets weekly or monthly to tackle challenges and problems together. Anyone can create their own mastermind group, whether it’s for first time writers, artists, entrepreneurs, anything you can dream of . Members share their struggles, receive advice, and share connections. And most importantly, the members of your mastermind group believe in you, even when you’re feeling unsure and anxious as you try to take your next step forward. The mastermind concept has been hailed by Forbes Magazine as being critical to success and focus.

On this show we bring together members of the Big Heart Mastermind, , a group of women who have been meeting for 10 years, and who have all seen the amazing benefits and results of belonging to a group such as this. We’ll also be sharing tips on how to start and manage your own mastermind group. And even some ideas on different themes for creating a mastermind group. What’s great, is that It’s free, it’s easy, and you’ll be forever changed by this type of unconditional support. The show is guest starring some of the members of this group: Elaine Overholt from Big Voice Studios, Mag Ruffman, Della Bitove, Renee Welling, Hayley Preziosi, Patricia Mackenzie. The show also features many of our guests and their beautiful singing, from their singles, albums, and musical tracks.

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