Cartoonist and Illustrator Josh Rosen
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On this episode of Finding Your Bliss, Judy Librach is joined by Illustrator and Cartoonist Josh Rosen. Josh has done illustration work for magazines, websites, animation projects, documentary films and roleplaying games. He is also the illustrator of the bestselling Graphic novel The Good Fight, which he collaborated on with author Ted Staunton, (Scholastic Canada, 2021) and the book is getting lots of praise and critical acclaim.

Josh Rosen is a cartoonist and illustrator from Toronto, Ontario. He’s loved drawing and telling stories since pretty much forever, and has the Masters of Fine Arts to prove it! He has done illustration work for magazines, websites, animation projects, documentary films and roleplaying games. When exploring his own work, he enjoys making comics about friendship, spooky stuff, and real world history, though often filtered through a playful or comic lens. Some of these works include: “The Dark,” published in Toronto Comics, Volume 3 (Story by Aaron Feldman. Toronto Comics Anthology Group, 2016) “Storytelling Nights,” published in Chilly Tales: Comics from the Canadian Undertundra (11th Dimension Press, 2014.)

Josh has received numerous Awards & recognition for his work, including being the Recipient of the Ontario Arts Council Writers’ Reserve grant in 2016 and the Winner of Center for Cartoon Studies Book Proposal Award in 2014. Josh also has a history of being active in the small press comics community, producing self-published work both in print and online.

Josh’s self-published print work includes:
“Wrestle Club” (2018), “Magical Cards” (2015), “Dungeons and Dragons” (2014) as well as co-editing the “Werewolf!” Comics anthology series (2009-2011). Online output includes webcomics “Edwitch” (2005-2007) and “Darcy Cheyne: Werewolf Hunter” (2013-2014).

His small press work has drawn praise from publications including the Comics Journal and Broken Pencil Magazine.

Josh has experience providing freelance illustration and cartooning work for print, film, and digital media. Josh has also been hired to deliver lectures on comics and graphic novels through McMaster University, University of Toronto Scarborough, and through CANSCAIP West.

He has delivered youth-oriented talks and workshops through the Toronto Library System, the Cobourg Library System, Sterling Hall private school, Canzine Toronto and the Word on the Street Literary Festival. He also continues to engage with youth-oriented art education through his work with the organization Story Planet. He has a Masters from The Center for Cartoon Studies, a Masters of Fine Art, and a B.A from McMaster University in Comparative Literature.

Josh is also featured in the documentary film Cartoon College, a film by Josh Melrod and Tara Wray, courtesy of L.B. ThunderPony Productions, in association with Chicken & Egg Pictures. Check out the documentary here.

Josh Rosen is a shining example of someone who has found and is following his bliss.

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