Meet Shakespeare's people

Oct 25, 2009

By Dale Goldhawk

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Why do the people of Shakespeare and their supporters shown in the photos here have to lose their homes, their businesses, and this glorious little hamlet full of history, to a highway widening? This is my question for the people at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and, in particular, for Minister Jim Bradley. How do you balance the hearts and souls of people against the ability of cars and trucks to get from Kitchener to Stratford about two minutes faster?

How do you look people like this in the face and tell them to get the heck out of the way? Or do you just ignore them like you’ve been doing as your engineers say there is only one way of improving this route

Oh, this goes for local politicians too. Where the heck are you when your constituents need you? Some of you have said, in the past, that you don’t want this highway widened. But you haven’t told the MTO this. The people here – your people – need you to speak out everywhere in their support.

These are just a few of the people who attended the FIRST Rally to Save Shakespeare on October 17. How many more rallies will it take?

Dale1 copy
I arrive to speak. I can't help smiling when I see the residents of Shakespeare.
petition1 copy
Reading the petition. Will you read it, Mr. Bradley? Already up to more than 2,000 names. See some of the signers here!
family1 copy

Elvis1 copy
Elvis lives! And he doesn't like the idea of the highway widening either. And he's wearing blue suede shoes.
Glenn1 copy
Rev. Glenn Kukkola, Shakespeare Presbyterian. He writes and sings songs about the MTO ... and talks to someone even higher up than a Cabinet Minister.
girl1 copy
Crossing 5 lanes to go to school? Not on their lives, Mr. Bradley.
Jonny Kalisch, Jonnys Antiques, Shakespeare. 45 years at one stand. Why destroy his business, Mr. Bradley?
woman1 copy
Listening to speaker. Doesn't she look like a voter, Mr. Bradley?
Goldhawk Fights Back works for pie! Along with my producer Mary Feely, I am amply rewarded with great pie for helping with the rally. Jeff Workman, head of the local Save Shakespeare committee and helpers do the honors. Come on out and join us for some good pie, Mr. Bradley. It won't hurt a bit.
band2 copy
Local band lends support. The music of protest. Are you listening, Mr. Bradley?

IT’S UP! Our video with a couple of verses of Rev. Glenn Kukkola’s song “We Are Still Here” is now up on YouTube. Glenn’s song is great and sends a strong message to the Ministry of Transportation. We hope someone over there is listening.
Click here to go to YouTube

Check my last blog about the first rally to see all the words to Reverend Glenn’s super song and the whole audio track. And send an email to Jim Bradley at his constituency office in St. Catharines asking him to tune in. [email protected]

Let’s Save Small Town Ontario.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

(Photos by Sandi Ralph,  [email protected] 

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