The president of the Canadian Medical Association says provinces are gambling by reopening at this stage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doctor Sandy Buchman told a senate committee that doctor fatigue and a continuing lack of protective equipment are causing the healthcare system to break down.

Buchman is warning hospitals won’t be ready if there’s a surge of the virus in the fall, and he’s pushing for increased testing and contact tracing.

“We need to gather more information, we need to gather adequate testing in our communities, we have to do more contact tracing…in order to be able to gain enough information to know how we’re going to handle reopening of the economy,” Dr. Buchman told CP24.

Dr. Buchman also explained that his comments were not meant to incite any anxiety or panic in the public.

Early in the pandemic, Dr. Buchman issued an apology while on Zoomer Radio’s Fight Back with Libby Znaimer for suggesting that a 65 year old individual with COVID-19 would be passed over for a ventilator in favour of a younger person with children, because a 65 year old person has lived a full life.

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