As public health officials tell us Canada’s into the second wave of COVID-19, a public opinion poll finds personal anxiety and concern surging, reaching levels not seen since the spring.
The Angus Reid Institute survey finds two-in-three Canadians feel the worst is yet to come.
That’s a stark increase from June when almost as many felt that the worst was over.
While three-quarters of Canadians report their mental health is at least ”good” if not great, two-in-five women between the ages of 35 and 54 — the demographic most likely to be caring for children and other family members — say their mental health is bad (34%) or terrible (4%).
Other key findings:
Seven-in-ten Canadians say they’re worried about catching COVID-19; up from a low of 46% in early June.
35% over the age of 54 are ”very concerned” about becoming sick; the highest mark recorded so far by Angus Reid, and up from 14% in early June.
73% feel the worst economic impacts are yet to come for their province.
Half of Canadians felt that way in the June survey.