May 05, 2020

By Andy Johnson

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Toronto’s High Park is closed because of the pandemic, but the city has set up the “Bloom Cam” so we can enjoy the Cherry tree blossoms 24/7 while staying at home.
And most people have honoured that with the exception of two men, caught on the “Bloom cam,” one of them climbing one of the trees.
Mayor John Tory says you don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to know if you’re breaking the law, it’s usually not a good idea to do it in front of a live camera.  He also says, most of the 3-million residents of Toronto are following the rules in the city, but there are always some who exhibit what he called “pre-eveolutionary behaviours.”
Toronto Police are investigating and say charges could range from trespassing to mischie and they’ll be paying special attention to ensure copy cats don’t try this again.
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