Feb 19, 2020

By Bob Komsic

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The average homeowner will be paying another $128 more after Toronto City Council approved a 4.24% increase in property tax and other levies as part of the 2020 budget.
On a home assessed with an average value of $703,000 that’ll mean a tax bill of $3,141.
Mayor John Tory defends the increase while also hinting at running for a third-term.
”These are the judgements that I have to make in the end as the mayor in terms of what I put forward to the council.  The electorate of the city, the citizens who live here will have their chance in three years to pass judgement,” said Tory.
”If they don’t like it then they’ll tell me ‘thank you very much and we’ll send you packing’.  If they do like it then they’ll put me back in office”.
Tory adds he welcomes the accountability.
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