Sep 11, 2019

By Bob Komsic

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With this election, Justin Trudeau says Canadians get to vote for the kind of Canada they want to live in next month by giving the Liberals a second term, or taking a step back with the Conservatives.
”I’m very much looking forward to getting right across the country in the coming weeks.  There are a lot of Canadians to talk to about the important choice they’re facing, about whether we move forward or we go back to the Harper years,” said Trudeau.
Andrew Scheer says it’s time to get rid of the Liberals and put your trust in his conservatives.
The Tory leader officially kicking off his party’s campaign by promising to balance the books, lower taxes and make life more affordable, then took a shot at Trudeau over S-N-C Lavalin.
”As this election campaign begins, Canadians learned two disturbing details about the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal.  Number one, the RCMP are looking into the Liberal government for possible obstruction of justice.  And number two, Justin Trudeau is doing everything he can to block them,” said Scheer.
The Tory leader adds Trudeau has ”lied” and has lost the moral authority to govern.
The Mounties investigation is on hold until after the October 21st election.
Meanwhile, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh told supporters in London when it’s time for a change at the top.
”Four years ago, Justin Trudeau charmed us with pretty words and empty promises.  He said the right things but he didn’t do them,” said Singh.
”Behind closed doors Justin Trudeau does whatever the wealthy and powerful corporations want him to do.  It’s clear Justin Trudeau isn’t who he pretended to be.”
Green party Leader Elizabeth May says this election is Canada’s most important, giving you a chance to vote for what you believe in.
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