Oct 25, 2018

By Bob Komsic

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Investigators are looking at the 10 suspicious packages containing explosive devices that were mailed to prominent Democrats, critics of Donald Trump and CNN’s office in New York City, to try and determine if they were intended to go off or simply spread fear.
(Reuters/file photos)
Local security expert Ross McLean told Zoomer Radio’s ”Fight Back” with Libby Znaimer, that he’s leaning toward the theory that the bombs are not real but designed to scare.
”These packages are designed like the poster they put up to say what a suspicious package looks like.  So, there’s lots of questions about whether this was something to be discovered or not or this was something meant to cause harm,” said McLean.
“If it was meant to cause harm, it’s a complete and total and utter failure.  If it’s meant to cause fear and get it stoked up and get everybody talking about stuff and attributing motivations to it, well, it seems to have done that job.”
Andrew Egger, reporter with the Weekly Standard in Washington, told ”Fight Back” that there’s so much polarization in the U.S., that it ”breeds” things such as this.
”This problem cannot be addressed, cannot be solved until both sides in America are willing to sort of come together and do it in good faith, rather than just using incidents like this as a way to bludgeon their political opponents” 
New York mayor Bill de Blasio says the packages are quote ”clearly an effort to terrorize people politically.”
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