Apr 25, 2018

By Bob Komsic

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Constable Ken Lam says he was just doing his job, that he doesn’t want to be called a hero nor given any more credit in the arrest of the suspect after the van attack along Yonge Street.
Deputy Police Chief Peter Yuen says not a single officer wakes up saying they want to be a hero.
”We come in and do our jobs and incidents like this have a way of finding us rather than us finding them.  Monday it found Ken Lam.”
A number of witness videos surfaced soon after showing how the officer did not use force nor fire his weapon.
The deputy chief says Lam was shaken when he met with him the morning after, but has ”improved quite a bit”.
Nonetheless he’s on temporary leave and will only return to work once he’s ready to do so.

“Some people can rationalize this, digest this in three days, some could be in three months, some will be a lifetime,” said Yuen, who encountered a life-and-death situation on the job 30 years ago.
Lam was an engineer for 14 years before making a career change in his 30s and has been a member of the Toronto Police Service for the last seven years.
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