Aug 30, 2017

By Bob Komsic

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New hope for young leukemia patients, but it’s not clear just how much it’s going to cost.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s approved the first treatment that’ll allow doctors to use a patient’s own blood cells to seek and destroy damaged cells in their bodies.
Since each dose of this gene therapy’s made from scratch and is unique to each patient, the CAR-T cell treatment’s expect to be quite expensive.
Some experts believe it’ll cost hundreds of thousands of dollar for each patient.
The therapy was developed by Novartis and the University of Pennsylvania.
(Tannis Toohey / Toronto Star)
Meanwhile, the Hospital for Sick Children and University of Cambridge claim to have gained new insight into the fight against incurable brain cancers.
They understand how glioblastoma cancers grow and have identified potential new ways of treating them.
Researchers used a barcode-like system that tracks the behaviour of individual brain cancer cells, enabling them to understand how the cancers evade conventional treatments and invade normal brain tissue.
Their findings can be found online in the journal ‘Nature’.
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