Jun 22, 2017

By Andy Johnson

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 Can Lit legend Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” has not only spawned a TV series, it has also spawned the manner of dress many women in the U-S are using to protest women’s reproductive rights.
Cloaked in stark red robes and white bonnets, the women stand in silence with their faces turned down and have appeared in Texas, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, California, and now Albany, New York.
The handmaids appeared for the third day in a row at the New York state legislature silently urging lawmakers to pass two reproductive health bills they say would protect women against potential federal restrictions that many fear the Trump Republican Administration could bring.
In Atwood’s dystopian novel – handmaids are forced to serve as reproductive vessels for powerful but infertile elite men.  The maid are impregnated again and again making them little more than walking wombs with no say over their own lives.
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