Mar 22, 2016

By Jane Brown

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“We were fearing terror attacks and now the worst has happened.” The words of Belgium’s prime minister following airport and subway explosions in the capital Brussels.

There is a city wide lock down in Brussels after at least 31 were killed and almost 190 wounded, in what authorities are now suggesting were terror attacks.

The Islamic State group is claiming responsibility.

There is confirmation from Belgium’s federal prosecutor that one of the explosions at the airport was a suicide bombing.

Sander Vaneers was riding the subway in Brussels when the explosion happened.

“I think I was in the subway just right behind the one that carried the bomb, so I was stuck between two stations, we all had to get out, there was a lot of smoke, we heard and we felt a blast and we didn’t see the explosion,” Vaneers tells CNN.

And two explosions ripped through the departure hall at the Brussels airport, where Alex Marquardt is reporting.

“Police have set up a perimeter around the airport, no vehicles are being allowed in, but people are being allowed to come and go on foot. We have seen some of the travellers, some of the thousands who are presumably trying to get out of Brussel’s airport this morning, leaving the airport trying to get out of the airport and I would imagine to get a car to get back into Brussels,” Marquardt explained.

All flights have been cancelled, arriving planes and trains are being diverted and Belgium’s terror alert level has been raised to maximum.

Raising the threat level to that level means authorities can deploy the army onto the streets to meet security needs.

The people of Brussels have been told to stay where they are, bringing the city to a standstill.

Eurostar has suspended high-speed rail service to Brussels following the attacks. The rail service links London with Brussels and Paris via the Channel Tunnel.

European security experts have been braced for a major attack for weeks and they’ve been on high alert since the recent arrest in Brussels of a man considered the mastermind of the Paris attacks in November that killed 130 people.

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