Mar 04, 2016

By Bob Komsic

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More than 20 years after the so-called ”Trial of the Century,” a knife has turned up that could be connected to the killings of Nicole Brown-Simpson and friend Ron Goldman.
OJ Acquitted
Los Angeles forensic experts are looking for any DNA evidence while they analyze the weapon that was supposedly found on O.J. Simpson’s former estate.
It was allegedly found during demolition of Simpson’s former property years ago by someone claiming to be a construction worker, who turned it over to a now-retired police officer.
It only recently came to light.
Simpson’s ex-wife and her friend were killed in June 1994.
He was acquitted the following year, then in 1997 Simpson was found liable by a civil jury for the murders and their families were awarded millions in damages.
OJ Then Now
Simpson’s now behind bars in Nevada for a 2008 kidnapping and armed robbery conviction.
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