Oct 26, 2015

By Jane Brown

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An American marijuana policy expert is warning Prime Minister-Elect Justin Trudeau that legalizing pot is going to be a lot harder to implement than he might think.

Sam Kamin is a professor of Marijuana Law and Policy at the University of Denver in Colorado, the first North American jurisdiction to allow recreational cannabis sales.

He says ending the prohibition has been a real process of trial and error, and there are many issues to consider.

“I saw some study about the interaction effect of alcohol and marijuana, if you’re consuming both it strengthens the effects. Things like that are going to give people worries about driving,” Kamin says.

Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon have fully legalized recreational marijuana. All of these states are grappling with problems that include stopping children from accessing pot, regulating potentially potent edible forms of marijuana and preventing people from driving while high.

Justin Trudeau’s main rationale for legalization of pot sales is to keep weed out of the hands of children.

The incoming Liberal government will have to make key decisions on issues such as how much tax to levy on drug sales and how old Canadians will have to be to legally buy weed.

Colorado has reaped $141-million in tax revenue from sales of marijuana.

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