Sep 15, 2015

By Bob Komsic

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It’s found in red wine, dark chocolate, red grapes and may actually slow the progression of Alzheimer’s.
Researchers at 21 medical centers across the U.S. looked at the safety and effectiveness of taking high doses of the natural compound in an experimental pill in those with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s.
Findings suggest that resveratrol could help change the balance of amyloid-beta plaque buildup in the brain to circulating protein in the body.
Alzheimer's Scan
Although accumulation of amyloid-beta in the brain’s thought to be one of the key causes of the disease, patients actually have lower levels of the protein outside the brain.
The study, of 119 patients, was not big enough to answer important questions, such as whether those taking resveratrol actually had lower levels of the plaque in their brain and more importantly, if they experienced less decline in their faculties.
The lead investigator says a large, clinical trial attempting to answer those questions could start in as soon as a year.
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