Nov 04, 2014

By Jane Brown

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More information is expected to come to light today about the investigation being conducted within the CBC on fired radio host Jian Ghomeshi.

CBC spokesman Chuck Thompson says the name of the firm will likely be revealed today.  The CBC has said it will hire a third party firm to investigate sexual harassment allegations against Ghomeshi within the CBC and the recommendations from the investigation will be made public.

Thompson has also revealed that the executive producer of the show Ghomeshi hosted has decided to take some time off while the CBC looks for “more clarity around the allegations” of sexual violence and harassment leveled against the disgraced radio host.  Thompson clarified that the leave Arif Noorani chose to take is different from the time off that was offered to all staff on the show “Q” in light of the allegations against Ghomeshi.

In another development, a Toronto Star source says Ghomeshi used a CBC owned phone to send lewd text messages to women, but neither the CBC nor the police will confirm if investigators are in possession of the phone.

Doctor Paul Garfinkel is one of Canada’s leading psychiatrists.  He’s weighed in on the Ghomeshi scandal, telling the New AM 740’s Goldhawk Fights Back,  there can be a connection between sexually abusive behaviour and narcissism.  “From the individuals I’ve seen, sex is used for power and control, more than for intimacy and connecting to another person.  In broad terms, these are related to what are called narcissistic traits.” Further to that, Grafinkel explained, “the individual has a heightened self-preoccupation and a great need for admiration from others. In reasonable amounts, narcissism is healthy, but in larger amounts, it becomes a significant problem for the person as well as others.  In full blown form, it becomes a personality disorder.”

Jian Ghomeshi is being investigated by Toronto Police after three women filed complaints of violence and sexual abuse against the disgraced radio host.

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